About Us

We have been collecting and providing data about the UK Government and Public Services since 1984.
The business was originally founded by two Oxfordshire Local Government Officers who wanted to help enable communication within Government and for those providing services to it. 30 years later and with over 250,000 registered users and many thousands of Public Sector organisations using our services, we hope and believe our research, knowledge and data are of use to all working in this sector.
We are based in Devon with additional research offices in Wales and Northumberland. We employ 18 people, many with Public Sector backgrounds and all experts in their respective fields of Public Service.

The Team

James Williams - Director
Alan Carson - Editor
Sheryl Gellatly - Head of Care, Housing and Education Research
Sue Evans - Head of Central Government and Political Research
Alison Christie - Head of Local Government Research
Melanie Payne - Head of Bespoke Research and Intelligence
Ali Thomas - Research Manager
Nicola Isaats - Research Manager
John Christie - Research Manager
Keri Andrews - Research Manager
Claire Moreland - Research Manager
Shan Owen - Research Manager
Eirian Evans - Research Manager
Rhys Evans - Research Manager
Jenni Moorhouse - Research Manager
Candice Powell - Research Manager

Get in Touch

If you would like to discuss any part of our services or have an update for us, please get in touch:
Suite 10, The White House, Torquay, TQ1 1DE.
0845 226 3044