How Portsmouth City Council has saved 25% in their energy bill using VEXO S-BMS

The existing heating systems in several residential care homes was inefficient, leading to higher energy bills. Portsmouth City Council was looking for a solution to reduce heating energy consumption and increase control over their existing BMS system.

In Nicholson Gardens, one of their residential care homes, our solution was to install VEXO Smart Building Management System (S-BMS), integrating it with supported native LoRaWAN devices such as Smart Radiatior Valves, Room Sensors and Window Switches. This allowed for remote monitoring and control of the central boiler room, as well as automatic control of temperature in individual rooms based on factors such as occupancy level and outside air temperature.

The installation of S-BMS was easy and caused no disruptions to the occupants. The result was a significant reduction in energy consumption, with 25% total energy savings and 36% heating energy savings in the most recent heating season.

Download the case study to learn more about how VEXO can help you reduce energy costs and increase control over your heating system.


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